Bob Bradley Would Have My Support - Opinion

RUSTENBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 11: USA manager Bob Bradley looks on as Michael Bradley trains during the USA training session at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium on June 11, 2010 in Rustenburg, South Africa. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

As Fulham continue to search for a new manager a familiar name to me keeps popping up. Bob Bradley's name has been mentioned in the past as possibly being a candidate to become Fulham manager. Actually, yesterday I saw an article in the Daily Mail that Sir Alex Ferguson gave his support for Bradley in regards to the open Fulham position.  

After reading that article it got me to think how would I feel if Bob Bradley became Fulham manager?  I have thought about this subject a great deal. Bradley I think would do a tremendous job at Fulham. He would have my support. I think he is ready to take on a manager's job in Europe. He proved it to me as manager of the U.S. National Team.

I have watched almost every game since he has been a manager of the U.S. team. What I can tell you is his teams are pretty disciplined and never give up. Team USA seemed often to play much better in the second half of games rather than the first. I think a team at Craven Cottage last year played many games like that. 

Now, I have heard the argument of his lack of experience. Obviously he has not coached in the Premier League, but as a manager goes he has a ton of experience. He first started coaching college soccer in 1981 with Ohio University. He also coached at Princeton University for 11 years.

He made his transition to the Professional ranks in 1996 with DC United as an assistant coach. He became a head coach in 1998 with the Chicago Fire. He also has managed two other clubs in the MLS in his career. In 2006, he took over the job as head coach of the US National team.      

His experience shows a progression for one level of soccer to the next. I think he is now ready to prove himself in the English Premier League. If it is not with Fulham I think he deserves a chance with a European club.   

Now, I have a feeling that a Bradley appointment could be seen as similar to Lawrie Sanchez. I can see the concern and the comparison. I think the big difference this time is Bradley would be coming to a team that just went to the Finals of the Europa League. I would hope he would realize that the team only needs to add a few pieces to complete the side.

I don't think it would be a slam dunk that he would be adding many players from the US team if he came to Fulham. In fact, there is only really one U.S. player that would be an interest to me. If Bradley became manager I would love to see him bring his son Michael Bradley to Craven Cottage. Michael currently plays for Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Bundesliga.  He is only going to be turning 23 years old and he is a real good midfielder. I think everyone will be hearing his name in the future.  

I think Bob Bradley is a longshot to become Fulham manager. But, as someone that has watched The U.S. team play I think he would do a great job. Bob Bradley would have my support.   

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