Story of our season and Cottagers Confidential Award Nominees

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 21: Mark Schwarzer of Fulham takes a goal kick during the Barclays Premier League match between Fulham and Wigan Athletic at Craven Cottage on April 21, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

The promotion class of 2001 now has left just one remaining survivor and that, as a mark of success, goes further than any acclamation for the way that Fulham play or the way in which the club is run. But those two factors, of course, have a distinctive impact on the standing of our humble club and, in the season of 2011/12, we witnessed a myriad of elements that act as particularly strong signifies of a club that continues to progress.

It had its roller-coaster moments, like any season at any club, and there were damningly bleak times where it seemed as though heads would role and yet another new direction would be imposed upon us. Martin Jol, though, proved his mighty worth and steered Fulham quite admirably to 52 points - the same total as Liverpool.

In the early stages, there was significant hype in SW6. We were in Europe, yet again, and we love Europe. Visits to the Faroe Islands and Ukraine offered the fans, and Jol, a prompt look at what this squad was capable of and, although nothing excessively substantial took place, we made our way through the Europa League qualifying phases without too much bother.

The opening to the league season, however, showed a different side to Fulham. Jol didn't muster a league win until October although, it must be noted, it was done so in emphatic fashion with a 6-0 humiliation of local rivals Queens Park Rangers. Breath was already warm on Jol's neck but this gave him some quite vital breathing space.

As a distinctly ageing team juggled both Europe and domestic duties, perhaps the lowest point in Jol's debut season at Craven Cottage unfurled. Odense, who we'd beaten 2-0 away, visited London in the final game of Fulham's Europea League group and it was well documented that a victory was required to progress to the knock out stages. And, all was well, until the 93rd minute, when Djiby Fall hushed the Cottage into a sombre, shocked silence. Jol began to sweat.

With that disappointment, though, came an upturn in form and a newfangled conviction. The players appeared unified and a win over Arsenal, and an impressive defeat, by five goals to two, of Newcastle, showed as much.

Form, unfortunately, couldn't be transferred to the cup competitions as we fell at the hands of Everton in the FA Cup. The Premier League was now the prime focus and an end of season surge, which included a brief but nonetheless wonderful eradication of our away day blues, left us in a welcome ninth place.

On the whole, then, it was a season of little celebration but a lot of promise. With Jol at the helm, there is a feeling that this club is deserving of quite more than mid-table mediocrity and we could well be on the way to achieving that.

Alas, here are the Cottagers Confidential seasonal awards nominees. If you follow the link for each award you can place your votes there. The polls will close on Friday. Happy voting!

Player of the season

Young player of the season

Match of the season

Goal of the season

Signing of the season

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