Jol be sorry…

Warren Little

We are only a few weeks in to the new season but there are already rumblings of discontent among the terraces at Fulham. What started with a couple of very average performances, despite an away win, was compounded by a distinct lack of transfer activity on deadline day.

How much of that can be attributed to Jol remains to be seen although I suspect it was not the only factor. Khan is shrewd in his spending and it wasn’t surprising that he was unwilling to fund another left back when we already have 3 at the club. Similarly he may have been wary about buying another midfielder when we have an excess of names vying for places, albeit perhaps not the players we want.

On the positive side were it not for a late winner at Newcastle at the weekend then 4 points from 2 away games and a home tie against Arsenal would have been considered a good start. We have regressed slightly from a few years ago but need to continue to be patient with Jol. Defensively we look solid and it’s no coincidence that the area we struggle in has the most new faces, across the midfield and final third.

It will take a few more games for us to find the right balance and consistency but we have the tools at our disposal. Yes Scott Parker is not the same player as Dembele was but who would be in our price range? The same fans who moan about replacing Dembele moaned about replacing Danny Murphy before, yet compliments in finding a player in Parker who does exactly that seem few and far between.

Many will disagree with me on Jol but who do you honestly believe is going to do a better job? The consensus appears to be Gus Poyet although I really can’t see why. We are not a club who can afford to take a chance on a manager who has no Premier League experience, let alone a manager who let’s not forget was dismissed from his last job for improper conduct.

Such is Jol’s reputation that he has managed to bring to the club, alongside Parker, Darren Bent who cited him as a major factor in his decision to join as did Stekelenburg. Who would Poyet be able to attract when compared to our current intake? Critics will say that the money available is what counts but Sanchez had money and only succeeded in turning us into Northern Ireland in the space of 8 months such was his abilities to attract players to the club.

Poyet is yet to be snapped up by any other club which to me speaks volumes. Jol may not be your cup of tea and we may well finish mid table again but I can’t see him getting us relegated. Let’s give him the season and make our decision then. Anyway after he wins the Cup in Brazil Mr Hodgson may fancy another spell at Craven Cottage…

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