Fulham FC Match Threads

Match Threads for Fulham games.

This is the End. Fulham vs Crystal Palace - Match


The last match in the EPL. Hopefully we'll be back soon.

Fulham at Stoke City - Match Thread


This is going to be like a horror movie. I'm going to be covering my eyes but peeking through my fingers. Unable to watch, yet unable to look away.

Fulham vs Hull - Match Thread


Another "cup final". Can we win?

Fulham at Spurs - Match Thread


Game two of my visit to see the team in person. What's it like being an away supporter? I'm about to find out.

Fulham vs Norwich City - Match Thread


I'm on the ground in London. I'm sitting in the Johnny Haynes Stand. I'm unbelievably excited. Lets hope the team doesn't let me down.

Fulham at Aston Villa - Match Thread


Fulham have never won at Villa Park in the EPL. This would be a great time to change that.

Fulham vs Manchester City - Match Thread


Normally, I enjoy watching Everton play. I'm a fan of Roberto Martinez. I love Leighton Baines and Ross Barkley, and Romelu Lukaku is one of the most impressive athletes I've ever seen in person....

Fulham at Manchester City - Match Thread


Fulham travel to Manchester City. Any result save a pummeling is gravy.

Fulham vs Newcastle - Match Thread


Newcastle is safe for the season. They're playing out the string. Their manager is suspended. Many of their players are hurt and not travelling. If ever Fulham were going to win, now would be the...

Fulham at Cardiff City - Match Thread


Every match from here on out is important. But this might be the most. I don't see anyway Fulham avoid relegation if they don't get three points here.

Fulham vs Chelsea - Match Thread


I'd love to see a win, I'd be grateful for any result, but I'm not counting on anything.

Fulham at West Brom - Match Thread


When was the last time Fulham played. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Fulham vs Liverpool - Match Thread


Can Fulham get two impressive performances in a row? A result here would put my confidence has high as it's been almost all season.

Fulham at Manchester United - Match Thread


Are you feeling confident? I'm not. But any kind of result here could give me hope going forward.

FA Cup: Fulham vs Sheffield United - Match Thread


The replay is here. Maybe a cup run can salvage the season.

Fulham vs Southampton - Match Thread


So that was an exciting an productive transfer window. Unfortunately only Holtby and Kvist are eligible to play today.

Fulham at Swansea City - Match Thread


A Tuesday match. I'm at work. I've been super busy. Don't know if I'll get a chance to do more than check in on twitter. That makes me sad.

FA Cup: Fulham at Sheffield United - Match Thread


Fulham travel to Sheffield to take on the historic club.

Fulham at Arsenal - Match Thread


Fulham travel to the league leaders. Are you expecting a win? I'm not. Even a point is gravy.

Fulham vs Norwich - FA Cup Replay - Match Thread


Another chance to use youth. That's exciting. A good result would get the weekend's bad taste out of our mouths, but does this team really need more fixtures? Lets just avoid extra time.

Fulham vs. Sunderland - Match Thread


A pivotal game. Lets enjoy it together.

Fulham at Norwich City - FA Cup - Match Thread


Live reaction to the FA Cup match visit to Norwich City

Fulham vs. West Ham - Match Thread


Live comments and reactions to this week's match.

Fulham at Hull City - Match Thread


Live chat and discussion during Fulham's trip to Hull City.

Fulham at Norwich City - Match Thread


Join live for reaction and discussion of the match while it happens.

Fulham vs Manchester City - Match Thread


Join the live discussion of the match between Fulham and Manchester City

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