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Why Would Fulham Sell Brede Hangeland?

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As we get closer to the January transfer window I am sure the speculation will start up once again regarding clubs interested in Brede Hangeland. I saw an article this weekend by Jamie Redknapp in the Daily Mail suggesting that Brede Hangeland would be a great fit at Liverpool. That is great for Liverpool, but it made me think why would Fulham sell Brede Hangeland. 

In my mind their are certain players that are untouchable at Fulham. I would put Brede Hangeland, Moussa Dembele, Bobby ZamoraAaron HughesClint Dempsey, Dickson Etuhu, and Carlos Salcido in this category. These players I believe are the nucleus of your team for the future. You should keep your best players and build around them.

In the case of Hangeland, I don't care how much a team like Liverpool or Arsenal might offer for him. Mark Hughes has already shown me his commitment to Fulham. He has stated he wants to keep his best players.

I know what type of response I could get from this post. What if Fulham were offered a tremendous amount of transfer money for him that Fulham could use to buy several players? That is good in theory, however a player like Hangeland is very difficult to replace. If you are not going to make yourself better why make the deal? If you let Hangeland go Fulham will be a weaker club.

Again, Manager Mark Hughes is thinking what is best for the club. I truly believe he will only make transfer deals that get equal value back for Fulham. The Konchesky transfer showed a great deal to me how a transfer can benefit both sides.  Liverpool got the player they wanted, and Fulham got two young players plus money in return. The biggest move though to make it worth it to Fulham was that Hughes already brought in a replacement for Konchesky with Carlos Salcido.

In Hangeland's case he is such a valuable player on defense. I just don't see where Fulham benefit from a straight transfer deal for just money. Hangeland is part of your future, and you want to bring in players to compliment what you already have.

Also, I have read reports and heard Hangeland himself in interviews on how happy he is at the club. I don't think he has the motivation to leave Fulham.

 Fulham are a smaller club than the larger teams like Liverpool and Arsenal. In many cases, larger clubs in the EPL try to take away the best players from the smaller clubs. In the case of Fulham they need to continue to say "no" to transfer deals involving their best players. Hangeland is in that category of untouchables. Fulham should not sell Brede Hangeland in this upcoming January transfer window.