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Thoughts On Mark Schwarzer's Comments - Opinion

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Mark Schwarzer has recently been quoted regarding his future plans. Reportedly this summer he had serious interest from Arsenal. With the transfer window opening up in January, I saw these comments by Schwarzer, and wanted to give my thoughts on his words.

Below are quotes from Mark Schwarzer from a Daily Mail article.

Schwarzer stated, 'A lot can happen between now and January. What will be, will be. If there’s an opportunity in January, then we’ll explore it.'

Based on these comments it sounds like to me that Mark Schwarzer could still have ambition to leave Fulham. I think at this point it might be time for both sides to part ways in January. All of these stories I don't think help the team or the player.

Now, If I am Mark Hughes I would only let Schwarzer go to another club if he had a proper replacement already in place. If Hughes finds a goalkeeper of Schwarzer's level that wants to come to Fulham than I am on board with letting the Australian keeper leave.

The fact that Mark Schwarzer is talking to the press about his future is troubling to me. I always like teams and players that keep all of the business of football behind closed doors. I have a feeling he is talking to the press to put pressure on Fulham to sell him.

Mark Schwarzer is an exceptional goalkeeper, and obviously I want him to stay at Craven Cottage. However, it might be time for both sides to move on.

Mark Hughes in a very short time has proven to me that he puts the club first. Reportedly he did not make a deal for Schwarzer to go to Arsenal, because he could not find a replacement. I feel confident that in January he would put Fulham first again ahead of Schwarzer.

So, when the January transfer window opens I am sure there will be plenty of speculation surrounding Schwarzer. If Fulham find a replacement goalkeeper, I would be fine with Schwarzer moving on to another club.