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Thoughts On The Boston Red Sox Owners Buying Liverpool - Opinion

I have been following the situation with Liverpool very closely since Fulham's former manager Roy Hodgson became the Liverpool manager. Even though I am a Fulham fan I was concerned about the ownership situation at Anfield. I would like the EPL to continue to be the best league in the world. I think Liverpool being very competitive is good for the league and football in general. The current owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks have done so much damage to this historic club. To move it back forward I believe Liverpool have found the right owners to get them back on top.

The Boston Red Sox ownership group had their bid accepted by the Liverpool Board. However, they are being taken to court by the current owners to stop the takeover. Hopefully this will be resolved next week, and Liverpool will have new ownership.

I wanted to share my thoughts on the potential new owners of Liverpool. I am a lifelong fan of the Boston Red Sox living in the Greater Boston area. In my opinion, the Red Sox ownership are definitely the right group to move Liverpool back to where they belong. I had written this summer that I hoped Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots would buy Liverpool. I can tell you that the Red Sox owners are on the same level.

I have several reasons why I feel this way. But, before I give you my reasons I want to explain how the current Red Sox owners were thought of when they took over.

I think many Red Sox fans were very skeptical of John Henry and his partners. This group was not from Boston, and I think that bothered many fans. I feel Bostonians wanted owners that knew the history and the passion of the club. It didn't take long for the ownership to win over fans. They decided to redevelop Fenway Park and modernize it. They also started to spend money on better players for the team. The Red Sox also upgraded their farm system which is similar to the academy system in England. The most important element that Henry brought to the Red Sox was winning championships. They transformed this organization to one of the greatest franchises in American sports.

Now, I understand why Liverpool fans would be skeptical of more American owners. These owners are the polar opposite of Hicks and Gillett. I will try below to take away your fears of the Red Sox owners. Like I mentioned I have several reasons why I think they will be tremendous owners of Liverpool.

First, I believe their reasons for taking over Liverpool are very different then your current owners. John Henry and his ownership group I believe are in it for the long haul. I don't think they are coming to Liverpool looking to make a fast buck. I think they are there to restore the history of the club and bring titles to Anfield. This group is all about winning.

With the Boston Red Sox , John Henry and his partners have given all of New England something they have waited to see for 86 years. Under Henry's ownership the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series twice, and also gotten to the American League Championship Series two times as well. The team is always competitive, and in the hunt for a championship. The ownership again is all about winning.

Second, I think they will embrace the history of the club and make sure that wherever they play is a first rate facility. John Henry decided to upgrade and redevelop Fenway Park. I happen to believe more fans wanted Fenway Park to be upgraded rather than have a brand new stadium. The Red Sox owners looked at both scenarios and chose the one that made the best sense.

In regards to Liverpool I think they will look at both scenarios. They will either redevelop Anfield or build a new stadium. Either way I believe Liverpool fans will have a first class facility. The Red Sox owners will spend a tremendous amount of money to upgrade where you see Liverpool play.

Third, the owners certainly know how to delegate and surround themselves with the best people in sports. I believe they will have people who know the game of football in very important positions.

Fourth, I believe they will spend money to bring in the best talent for the club. Their track record speaks for itself with the Red Sox. This group is not afraid to spend money. I believe Hodgson will be given the funds to bring in the players he wants.

Fifth, they will make sure that Liverpool continue to have an excellent academy. Henry's group are strong believers of a combination of acquiring players and homegrown talent. I am confident that Liverpool will continue to develop their own players.

Sixth, they also have the money to get Liverpool back to the top and keep it there. This group is not just about John Henry. He has very wealthy partners that have invested in this ownership. He is just the principal owner. I don't believe money will be a problem at all.

Also, they are fantastic businessmen. With the Red Sox they have found new revenue streams that I believe are funded right back into the team to keep it competitive. They also are unbelievable at marketing and sponsorship deals.

Like I said from the beginning I certainly know why a fan of Liverpool would be skeptical. I am here to tell you that they are not Hicks and Gillett. Everything that John Henry set to due with the Red Sox has come true. He wanted the Red Sox to win titles, compete every year for a championship, and upgrade the fan experience at Fenway Park. All of that has happened here in his time as owner.

There is no doubt in my mind that if Red Sox ownership take over Liverpool, the 20 year drought of not winning the League will change shortly. In fact, I am predicting that within 2 years, Liverpool will win the title. I already made this prediction over the summer because of Roy Hodgson. Now, with the Red Sox owners possibly taking over I feel even stronger that the Barclays English Premier League title will be in the hands of Liverpool in the 2010-2011 season.