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Thank You And Farewell

I guess you can say this is the hardest post I have ever done on Cottagers Confidential. This is the post I say thank you and farewell. I have made the hard decision to leave this site. In the end I know this is the right decision for me.

It has been a privilege writing on this site for SBNation.I was asked at the beginning of the year if I would be interested in writing for a site as part of this great network of blogs. I jumped at the chance and so happy I decided to do it.      

All good things must come to an end, but I want to stress that even though I am leaving, SBNation are in the process of finding someone to take over. Cottagers Confidential is not disappearing. I feel very confident that the next person to take over will do a great job.

I have so many memories from this site that will live on in my posts. I guess I picked the right time to start a new site when Fulham were in the middle of their run in the Europa League. Last season was amazing, and I still expect more memories to come from Fulham. 

If I have to pick one memory that stands out from the others it would have to be the Juventus game last season at Craven Cottage. I wrote my post shortly after that game, and I just remember thinking to myself they have a shot to go all the way to the Final.

I will continue to be a huge fan of Fulham. Now I will just be watching it and enjoying the games. Fulham are an incredible team to follow.

I have so many people to thank but I will start with the people that made this possible for me. Steve Davis and Tyler Blezinski made this dream of mine possible. I wanted to write about the team that I follow, and I can't thank them enough for their support. 

I would next like to thank all of the writers that are a part of the soccer team at SBNation. This is an incredible stable of writers and blogs. I will continue to read all of these sites on a regular basis. I enjoy the game more from reading all of your blogs.

I have made some great friends from doing Cottagers Confidential. Ted Harwood of the Arsenal blog, The Short Fuse I thank you for putting up with all of my rants regarding the Mark Schwarzer situation. You have been a great friend putting up with my complaining.

I want to also thank Michael Benedetto who is the Brand Marketing Manager for Fulham Football Club. I thank you for being such a big help with your advice and support since the beginning of my journey blogging about the Cottagers.

Richard Buxton of Click Liverpool I am fortunate to have gotten to know through doing this website. He is an excellent writer, and in my opinion his articles are some of the the most informative you would want on all things Liverpool. Thanks for putting up with my complaining about Roy Hodgson leaving Fulham.

I would finally want to thank everyone who has read Cottagers Confidential. I appreciate everyone who has spent the time to come on this site, and check out what I have written about Fulham. It is great to know Fulham have so many great fans. Thank you.

Before I go I want everyone to know that I still will be talking about Fulham on twitter at Russ_Goldman. The writing will just be much shorter. Thank you and farewell.


Best Regards,


Russ Goldman