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Welcome to "Cottagers Confidential"

 Hi Everyone,

I wanted to introduce everyone to my new blog about Fulham Football Club called "Cottagers Confidential". Each week I will have previews of upcoming matches. I will also have post game entries after each match. I also plan on writing anything I find interesting regarding the Cottagers. Fans of the team and the EPL please feel free to look around and check out "Cottagers Confidential". 

Please feel free to check out the fan posts and fans shots sections. Fans will have the ability to post their own entries and information in these sections. I welcome everyone to participate and enjoy "Cottagers Confidential". 

As a blogger, I think I am very objective regarding Fulham, and you should see that in my writing. When the team is doing well I will mention it. When they are not performing well I will speak about the problems I think they are having. No matter what is happening with the club, I will always be a huge fan of Fulham Football Club.

Fulham have come so far in only a few years. They were on the brink of relegation just 2 years ago in the 2007/2008 season. Last year Fulham ended the year in 7th and qualified for the Europa League. This year has been exciting season so far for Fulham Football Club. I look forward to posting new stories about the team as they finish up the 2009/2010 season.

I hope you enjoy this site and welcome to "Cottagers Confidential."