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West Ham cries foul against Fulham?

West Ham are possibly filing a complaint against Fulham regarding resting players against Hull. This possible complaint was written about in an article entitled" Hammers prepare complaint against Cottagers".  I understand the pressure that this team is under. They are in a relegation battle with millions of dollars at stake. I do have a question. What is West Ham looking to accomplish by filing a complaint against Fulham?     

 West Ham are currently in 17th position. Hull beating Fulham on Saturday puts them in 18th position, but tied with West Ham with 27 points. The win for Hull against Fulham could be crucial going ahead in this relegation struggle. West Ham actually will play Roy Hodgson's Cottagers at the end of the season at Craven Cottage. 

Roy Hogdson is quoted from a article"Hogdson defends his selection" where he talks about some of the reasons for the changes on Saturday . Hogdson stated.  " We played 7 matches in 21 days in February. We played eight in 24 days in March, and we have got another seven or eight in 26 days in April".  Hogdson also stated" I do not think it is fair for anybody to suggest that we can do that with 11 players.

I will be following this story and will be giving updates when I have them. Personally, I didn't agree with the resting of the players on Saturday. However, I do understand the reasons behind it. In my opinion, Hogdson is the manager of his club, and I think he does what he believes is best for his team. As this story grows I will be curious to see what West Ham are looking to accomplish with this complaint.