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10 Things I Think About Fulham Football Club This Week April 10th

Every week I like to write about subjects that are on my mind regarding Fulham Football Club. This was  a very good week for the team.  Fulham beat Wigan at Craven Cottage 2 - 1 on Sunday April 4th. On Thursday April 8th, Fulham beat Wolfsburg 1 -0 to move ahead to the semifinals of the Europa League.  Below are my "10 Things I Think About Fulham Football Club This Week April 10th."

1. I think Fulham really needed a win against Wigan.  Fulham were struggling a little bit in the EPL with losses to Manchester United and Hull. I think a win at home got them back on track. Fulham still have games left on the schedule that they could win. I hope the win against Wigan gets them back on the right foot in the EPL. 

2. I think John Pantsil playing in the Reserves match last week is great news.  Before Pantsil got hurt in the Chelsea match I thought he was playing very well.  Hopefully he will be available for the end of the season. It would be great to see him playing at right back again.

3. I think Roy Hogdson should be considered for "Manager of the Year".  Last year he definitely deserved the title, but I might argue that his job this year is on the same level. He has had to manage a team that has played a huge amount of games in the EPL, FA Cup, and the Europa League. This year he also has had to deal with more injuries than last year. Last year's accomplishment was tremendous with the club finishing 7th. Fulham are probably not going to end in that position this year.  However, the accomplishment in the Europa League and being able to maintain a decent position in the league, I think he should be considered for the Manager of the Year.  

4. I think David Elm playing with a sickness against Wigan is admirable.   Elm played the first half of the Wigan  match. He needed to go to the hospital at halftime to be checked out regarding a virus he had been dealing with.  The fact that he played while sick shows his commitment to the club and desire to play. 

5. I think Bobby Zamora should be included in the England Team for the World Cup.  I am not sure what else Fabio Capello needs to see from Bobby Zamora. He is strong up front with a great touch. If I were the manager I would be picking him for my squad.

6. I think Stefano Okaka was impressive in the second half of the Wigan match. Okaka did score a goal early in the second half. He seemed to be pretty effective as a striker. He also is big and strong with a good touch. My only hope is we see more of him before the end of the season.

7. I think Zoltan Gera has had a great year for Fulham.   He has made some great passes for Fulham and has also scored some really crucial goals for the club. He was great in the Juventus match at Craven Cottage. He also was very good against Wolfsburg setting up Bobby Zamora with the only goal of the match. He has also gotten beat up in a few games this year and just keeps playing. For me Zoltan Gera has had a great year.

8. I think the Wolfsburg victory in Germany was even more impressive than the first leg at Craven Cottage.  Since Fulham gave up the away goal at Craven Cottage there was some pressure to score a goal in Germany. It took 23 seconds for Fulham to score that goal. The amazing part for me is they shut out the German Champions.  Fulham's road record is horrible in the EPL. For some reason they have had better luck in the Europa League.

9. I think a tie against Liverpool would be an accomplishment tomorrow.  It is going to be very tough to beat Liverpool at Anfield. I am being realistic and just hoping for a tie. Fulham could be sitting several players and Liverpool have much at stake for this match.

10. I think a top 10 finish in the league at this point would be considered a good year. With all the games the team has played I guess my expectations were too high. I wanted them to be 7th again. I was just asking too much. The fact that they have gone to the Semifinals in the Europa League is an accomplishment. If they finish in the top 10 to me it is more than good enough.    

This was a great week for Fulham. The week certainly gave me plenty to think about.