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Fulham Reserves win final home game 1 - 0 against Portsmouth

The Fulham Reserves won their final home game at Motspur Park. They beat Portsmouth 1 - 0 to win the match. According to article," Reserves 1-0 Portsmouth"  Fulham won the match with a second half goal from striker Marcello Trotta. The young Italian player scored in the 68th minute. Also, according to this article on, he had a chance for a second goal , but his shot hit the side of the net. Trotta is a 17 year old striker that I will be following his progress.

David Elm also played in this match according to the article on The Swedish striker had been struggling to recover from a virus. It is good to see he was back out on the pitch. Actually, Marcello Trotta came in for David Elm in the 62nd minute. Elm did get some good playing time.

As I mentioned in my prior entry I was curious to see if John Pantsil would be playing again for the Reserves. He did not play today for the Reserves according to the article on Could Pantsil almost be ready to play for the first team?  Let's hope he will be available soon.

The Reserves have two more matches left. They play next monday at Stoke City. They finish up on April 27th at West Ham. I will have entries on these match results.