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10 Things I Think about Fulham Football Club This Week April 16th

Clint Dempsey vs. Juventus 3/18 at Craven Cottage.
Photo via Getty Images
Clint Dempsey vs. Juventus 3/18 at Craven Cottage. Photo via Getty Images

 Every week I like to write about subjects that are on my mind regarding Fulham Football Club. This was a good week for the team.  Fulham tied Liverpool 0 - 0 at Anfield. I thought this was a good accomplishment since Liverpool controlled the possession the majority of the match. This upcoming week will be very interesting. Fulham play Wolverhampton at Craven Cottage on Saturday. Then, on Thursday the team travels to Hamburg for the first leg of the Semifinals of the Europa League. I certainly have several things on my mind regarding Fulham. Below are my "10 Things I Think About Fulham Football Club This Week April 16th."

1. I think talking about Fulham on World Football Daily was interesting and informative.  I was a guest on World Football Daily last week but did not mention it in my "10 things I think" entry. I really enjoy this show and would recommend it to all fans of football. What was great about my experience being a guest was the opportunity to spend some time talking about Fulham. The hosts of the show Steven Cohen and Kenny Hassan kept mentioning what a great story Fulham are right now being in the Europa League. I watch and listen to many football related shows. In my opinion many of these shows are dominated by talk of the" big four". It was refreshing to be a participant in a discussion about Fulham. I was on this show as a guest on Thursday April 8th. The very next day I called in and again discussed Fulham. The number of issues that were discussed were several. We discussed everything from the Europa League to the financial situation with Fulham. If you get a chance and are interested in this show please go to their website which is  .   

2. I think it is unfortunate that John Pantsil will not be eligible for the Europa League matches.  The good news though is he will still be able to play the rest of the EPL matches. Before he got hurt against Chelsea I thought he was playing at a very high level. I do look forward to seeing him out on the pitch again.

3. I think it would be a bonus if Clint Dempsey is available for the Europa League Semifinals.  Clint has been injured a few times this year. I would love to see him ready to go against Hamburg.  If Clint is not ready yet for the matches lets hope that Simon Davies is close to coming back from injury.  If these 2 players can't go in Hamburg I am sure Roy will have someone suitable to fill in the midfield position. 

4. I think the fact that the Reserves have only lost 2 matches all season is a very good accomplishment.   I enjoy following the young players who are up and coming in the Fulham system. The Reserves have had a very good season. The Academy teams have also done well. The development of young players is important. It would be great for the club to see players come through the Fulham system and eventually play on the first team. 

5. I think I will be following the progress of Marcello Trotta in the Reserves.   Marcello Trotta is a young 17 year old striker from Italy. He scored in the last Reserves match against Portsmouth. If Fulham can develop there own strikers in the future that will be such a huge development for the club. Danny Hoesen is another young striker who just went out on loan in Finland. He was doing very well for the Reserves before he went out on loan. If in the future if either one of these players can develop to first team players that would be such a huge help for the team.    

6. I think the 0 - 0 tie at Liverpool was a well earned point.  Going into the match at Liverpool I was not expecting a win on the road. I was hoping for a point. Fulham were under constant pressure in this match. To come out with a point is an accomplishment.

7. I think beating Wolverhampton tomorrow is important.  I know everyone is excited about the Europa League. I hope the players do not forget about the English Premier league. A win tomorrow will also give Fulham positive momentum going into the Europa League match on Thursday. 

8. I think the summer transfer rumors have already begun.  According to, Fulham are interested in Bryan Ruiz  who is a striker with FC Twente. He has scored 23 goals in 30 games this season.  I am sure in the upcoming weeks I will be hearing of many more potential transfer targets for Fulham.

9. I think if Fulham can get a goal in Hamburg they will be in good shape coming back to Craven Cottage for the second leg.   I think I actually stated the same thing for the Juventus match. Fulham went to Juventus and lost 3 - 1. I am hoping they don't give up 3 goals this time. They made it difficult on themselves.

10. I think Fulham winning the Europa League is actually possible.  I know you should never talk about the final before the semifinals. However, the way Fulham have played in Europe this year they have a chance. I did not think they had a chance when the Europa League began over the summer. Look how far this club has come.  They have an opportunity to get to the Finals. If they get to the Finals they certainly have a chance to win it.

Those are the 10 things I think about Fulham Football Club this week April 16th. I should have plenty to write about next week.