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Analysis of My 5 Keys to Victory for Fulham Against Wolverhampton

 Fulham played Wolverhampton yesterday to a 0 - 0 draw. This games was a defensive struggle with both teams having a hard time creating scoring chances. It was a frustrating game to watch.  After each match I analyze my "keys to the match" to see if they were factors in the game. Below is the "analysis of my 5 keys to victory for Fulham against Wolverhampton."   

1. Will John Pantsil be starting for Fulham tomorrow?  John Pantsil did not play in this match. It is hard to say if he would have had a huge impact in this particular match. Chris Baird I thought did a nice job at right back. He has been solid in filling in for Pantsil. This key to me was a non-factor. 

 2. Fulham need to contain Kevin Doyle.  I have to say I was impressed by Kevin Doyle for Wolverhampton. He had a few chances in the match. In one situation he seemed a little surprised the ball fell to him. He did not capitalize on this situation. Fulham's defense for the most part did contain him. I thought Aaron Hughes did a really nice job on defense. In this key Fulham definitely succeeded. 

3. Danny Murphy needs to control the midfield.  Wolverhampton in general came to play yesterday. They made it difficult for Fulham to control the game. Danny Murphy definitely battled in the midfield. Many times I noticed it was a tough area of the field for both sides. This is an area of the field that no team really controlled. The lack of control in the midfield was probably a factor in the match. 

4. Who will be playing on the left side of the midfield?  Simon Davies played this position yesterday. It was nice to see him back after being out a few matches. I thought he was effective, but again Fulham could not score a goal. This key to me was a non - factor in the match. 

5. If Fulham score early in the first half they can completely control this match.  Fulham actually did have some great pressure in the first 5 minutes of the match. I think they missed an opportunity by scoring an early goal in this period. As the first half went on Wolverhampton settled down and became more and more difficult to breakdown. Both teams being so disciplined made it very difficult to score. The lack of an early goal by Fulham probably helped with the confidence of Wolverhampton. This key was probably a factor in the match. 

In concluding I don't think my "keys"were major factors in this match. This game was about the  Wolverhampton defense. Fulham could not effectively get the ball to Bobby Zamora on a consistent basis. Jody Craddock and Christophe Berra for Wolverhampton were all over Zamora.  Bobby had a tough time with these 2 players. To me they were the difference in this match. Zamora did have a great opportunity to score. He had a great strike in the second half that hit the post. Unfortunately, there weren't enough opportunities for Zamora and Gera. At Craven Cottage yesterday, Defense was the difference in the match.