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Fulham Reserves beat Stoke City 3 - 1

Fulham's Reserves won their match today 3 - 1 at Stoke City.  According to the article, "Stoke City 1 Fulham 3", Fulham dominated the opening minutes of the match. Keanu Marsh Brown scored in the 4th minute of the match. His goal came from just inside the box.

Fulham's second goal of the match came in the 30th minute. Again, according to the article, "Stoke City 1 Fulham 3" , Fulham's second goal was scored by Micahel Uwezu. It came from a pass from Keanu Marsh Brown. Also, stated in the article, was a late first half goal by Stoke. It was was scored by Louis Moult in the 40th minute.

The second half saw the final goal by Fulham. Again, according to article,"Stoke City 1 Fulham 3", Christopher Buchtmann scored in the 57th minute. His free kick, 25 yards out is deflected two times and into the net. That ended the scoring for the match. The match ended with Fulham's Reserves winning 3 - 1.

Fulham's Reserves final match of the season will be a week from Tuesday at West Ham.