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My 5 Keys to Victory for Fulham against Everton - Match Preview

Tim Howard of Everton 4/17. Photo via Getty Images
Tim Howard of Everton 4/17. Photo via Getty Images

 Fulham play tomorrow against Everton at Goodison Park.The game takes place at 3PM UK Time and 10AM EST. The game will be shown live on ESPN 2 in the U.S.  Back In September,  Fulham beat Everton  2 - 1 at Craven Cottage. Fulham are currently 10th in the league with 43 points. Everton are 8th with 54 points.  This will be an extremely tough game for Fulham.  The Cottagers have been horrible on the road this year. Plus, they are coming off the Europa League match on Thursday in Germany. It also looks like Bobby Zamora will not be playing. Let's hope the Cottagers can figure out a way to get 3 points. Below are "my 5 keys to victory for Fulham against Everton."   

1. With Bobby Zamora out where will the goals come from?  Fulham have played 0 - 0 draws the last 3 matches. Without Bobby Zamora in the lineuep who will step and score? I would look for Clint Dempsey to be a main contributor tomorrow. Whether he plays in the midfield or up front Fulham will need production from him tomorrow. Damien Duff also has the ability to pick up the scoring slack from the right side of the midfield. If Stefano Okaka plays he could be that player to get a goal. He has not played a great deal this season since coming over on loan from Roma in January. He has potential to be a good goal scorer.   

 2.Stefano Okaka needs to be a force at striker if he plays.  I am hoping Okaka will get the start against Everton at striker. He scored against Wigan and looked pretty good in the game. He also played strong in the place of Bobby Zamora. I think he could be that physical presence Fulham needs tomorrow if he plays. 

3. Fulham need to control the midfield.  Tim Cahill and Phil Neville could be a handful tomorrow for Fulham. I am a fan of Cahill and he can be very dangerous. You also can't  forget Steven Pienaar and Mikel Arteta. This is a great group that could take control of the match. 

4. Mark Schwarzer needs to have another incredible match. When Schwarzer is playing at very high level,  Fulham are hard to beat. He was the difference in the Hamburg match on Thursday. I think Schwarzer will be under pressure a good amount of the match. He could be the difference to keeping Fulham in the game.

5.  How many players will Roy Hodgson be resting tomorrow?  With the Europa League match on Thursday, will Hodgson rest many of his starters?  If he does I am fine with it. There is no question that the match on Thursday is more important. However, for the match tomorrow who he rests could have a major effect on the match. Bobby Zamora probably is not going to play. Will he rest Hangeland and Hughes? Will he rest Damien Duff?  We will find out tomorrow.

I have changed my mind a little bit on resting players.  If Roy decides to rest many players tomorrow I will understand. I think it would make it even tougher to win tomorrow. This is a very good team Fulham are playing tomorrow. With everyone in the lineup,  Fulham could still struggle. Honestly,  I would be happy with a point tomorrow. If they do win it would be a nice surprise.