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My 5 Keys to Victory for Fulham against Wigan

Chris Kirkland of Wigan vs. Sundarland Feb 6th. Photo via Getty Images
Chris Kirkland of Wigan vs. Sundarland Feb 6th. Photo via Getty Images

Fulham play tomorrow against Wigan at Craven Cottage. The game takes place at 3PM UK Time and 10AM EST. The game will be shown on Fox Soccer Plus in the U.S. on taped Delay at 2PM EST. In November, Fulham played on the road at Wigan and the game was a 1 - 1 tie. Wigan are currently 16th in the league. This is really a game that Fulham need to win. They should be able to beat teams that are lower than them in the table. However, Roberto Martinez's team will give Fulham a tough game. Fulham better not be going into the game overconfident. If they do they might get beat. Below are"my 5 keys to victory for Fulham against Wigan."   

1. Fuham need to be up by at least a goal or maybe more by the half. This key is important for a few reasons for Roy Hogdson's club. If Fulham are up at the half, it can really hurt the confidence of Wigan in the second half. If you take care of them early you could be in full control of the match. Wigan do not have a great road record. Second reason is it can give you an opportunity to rest a few players in the second half. With the match coming up in Germany on Thursday some key players could probably use the rest.

 2. I am looking for Stefano Okaka to start and make an impact on the match. I was disappointed he did not start last week at Hull. In my opinion, he needs to play an entire game. I have seen glimpses of skill from Okaka. Tomorrow is a perfect opportunity to see what he can really do. If Roy does want him on the squad for next year as well you would think he would play him in a full match.

3.  What kind of lineup changes will there be tomorrow? This is a very important key to the match. Will Roy rest many players so they will be ready for Wolfsburg on Thursday? I am hoping he rests just a few players. To make wholesale changes like he did at Hull I think is a mistake. The team needs the win. A win at home will give you some momentum going into Thursday. Players like Zamora, Duff, Hangeland, Hughes and Murphy could possibly be rested. I am hopeful it will not be all those players.    

4. Fulham need to take advantage of the Wigan defense with Gary Caldwell out. With a key member of Wigan's defense not playing it is imperative that the Fulham strikers take advantage of his replacement. Wigan will have back their goalkeeper Chris Kirkland. Whether it is Bobby Zamora or Stefano Okaka, the strikers need to put a great deal of pressure on there defense. 

5. If Chris Smalling is playing tomorrow on defense he needs to be solid.  I have a feeling you might see him in central defense. That means he would be replacing either Hughes or Hangeland. He has been shaky in his last 2 matches with Fulham. He needs to be solid for Fulham to win.   

In concluding this is a match that Fulham need to win. We will find out tomorrow if Fulham come away with 3 points.