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10 Things I Think About Fulham Football Club This Week April 3rd

Bobby Zamora And Damien Duff against Wolfsburg 4/1 . Photo via Getty Images
Bobby Zamora And Damien Duff against Wolfsburg 4/1 . Photo via Getty Images

Every week I like to write about subjects that are on my mind regarding Fulham Football Club. This was an interesting week for the team. They lost to Hull City last weekend, and last Thursday they beat Wolfsburg 2 - 1 in the Europa League Quarterfinals first leg. There were also some other interesting events during the week. Below are my "10 Things I Think About Fulham Football Club This Week April 3rd."

1. I think resting so many players against Hull was a mistake.  I do understand why Roy Hogdson rested many key players. I just don't agree with it. Hull is a team that Fulham should beat on the road.  Hogdson rested players like Bobby Zamora, Aaron Hughes, Danny Murphy and Damien Duff. The players who did play in there place should have gotten the job done. Regardless, I am one who thinks you should always put your best club out there. 
2. I think West Ham filing a complaint against Fulham regarding resting players against Hull is ridiculous. 
 Roy Hogdson should be able to do whatever he thinks is best for his club. They weren't throwing the match. Fulham have played many matches this season, and Hogdson was giving certain players a break.  I don't agree with Hogdson resting players, but he has the right to do it. This to me sounds like "bad blood" between West Ham and Fulham.  
3. I think Jozy Altidore of Hull showed why I wanted him to come to Fulham last summer. Altidore was a menace against Fulham. He is young and only going to get better. At the time Hull probably looked like a better fit for Altidore. Over time though I think Jozy is going to wish he came to Fulham. In the future I hope Fulham make a transfer bid for him. I think he is going to be a quality player. 
 4. I think Stefano Okaka needs to play a few complete matches. I have mentioned prior that I think Roy needs to let Okaka play more. He has come on several times as a substitute. If you really want to see if he has the skill he needs to play more consistently. 


5. I think Fulham should let Kamara stay at Celtic. Kamara is currently on loan at Celtic. This could become a permanent move. Kamara has voiced his desire to stay at Celtic. At this point I don't think it makes sense to bring him back to Fulham. If Kamara stays at Celtic, Hogdson can concentrate this summer at trying to find other strikers. It is time to move on.


  6. I think Chris Smalling making mistakes now will only benefit him when he goes to Manchester United.  For Smalling, playing recently is a good chance to learn from his mistakes. Unfortunately for Fulham, once he learns and gets his experience he will be at Manchester United. Smalling will be playing at Old Trafford this summer. I think he will be a good player. I am hoping he learns from his mistakes quickly while he is still at Fulham. 

7. I think Damien Duff turned out to be a great signing for Fulham. When Fulham picked him up in the transfer window this summer I was unsure how he would work out. He has been tremendous, and I think he still has a good amount left in his tank. He might not be as fast, but he still makes some great runs and passes. Also, his shots are still rockets to the goal.  

8. I think a win against Wigan should be a high priority. Several teams in the table have caught up to Fulham and passed them in the league. Moving forward to next season I think it is very important to be in the top half of the table. They need to win the rest of there home games, and maybe get one win on the road to end the season strong.   

9. I think Edin Dzeko is the real deal for Wolfsburg. This player is very strong and has so much skill for a striker. I see why so many teams are interested in him. If Fulham want to move forward in the Europa League they need to contain Edin Dzeko. He had a few very good scoring chances last Thursday against Fulham. I am sure he will have several more this Thursday in Germany.

10. I think Fulham can  go ahead to the semifinals of the Europa League. If Fulham can hold off Shakhtar Donetsk on the road, I think they can do it again at Wolfsburg. I wish they didn't give up that away goal. It definitely makes it tougher for Fulham. After watching the game on Thursday I am convinced that Fulham's strikers can give Wolfsburg plenty of trouble.  It is not crazy that Fulham could tie or win this match. If they can do either, they will move on to the Semifinals of the Europa League.   

Again, these are just 10 things I think about Fulham Football Club as of this week April 3rd.  It should be another fun week for the team.