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Clint Dempsey injured and out of Europa League match for Fulham

Fulham Football Club will be without a key player tomorrow night.  Clint Dempsey will be missing the upcoming Europa League match for Fulham at Wolfsburg. According to the article ' Europa Team News"  Dempsey did not travel with the team and has an injury. It was also revealed in this article that he got injured in the last minute of the Wigan game on Sunday.

This injury for Dempsey could also see him out for additional time. According to the article  " Europa Team News",  Roy Hogdson is quoted about the potential length of Dempsey being out for the club. Hogdson stated " Unfortunately he is going to be out for a period of time - certainly tomorrow and on Sunday against Liverpool and possibly longer. The scan has shown there is a muscular injury and it's going to keep him out for a period of time."    

The article "Europa Team News" does mention as well that Stephen Kelly has recovered from an injury and has travelled with the team. The article also mentions that David Elm has not recovered yet from a virus that forced him out of the Wigan match at halftime.

The article also has information on Bobby Zamora. According to the article " Europa Team News" Bobby Zamora has travelled with the team.  This article also has quotes from Hogdson mentioning that he is hopeful that Zamora will play. 

Clint Dempsey being out definitely should be a concern for Fulham. The lineup tomorrow will look different than the first leg last Thursday. Clint Dempsey being out for this match tomorrow does give Hogdson a few different options. Simon Davies could be moved to midfield. If Zamora cannot go Fulham still have Erik Nevland available as a striker. It will be interesting to see what type of lineup decisions Hogdson makes tomorrow.