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Talking Fulham vs. Wolfsburg on World Football Daily

This afternoon I will be on World Football Daily previewing the upcoming Europa League Quarterfinals match for Fulham. The hosts of the show are Steven Cohen and Kenny Hassan. I would highly recommend this show and website for all fans of football. I should be on sometime around 1 PM EST.

For fans that are unfamiliar with this show and website, you might remember their show on Sirius radio. At the time the show was known as "World Soccer Daily".  I was a loyal listener. Steven and Kenny talk about many of the different leagues around the world. They also have several great correspondents like Bobby McMahon, Graham Hunter and Tim Vickery. If you are a fan of football this is the show for you.  

The show is now on the internet with a couple options for listeners and viewers. Please go on the site and check it out for yourself.