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Roy Hodgson named "manager of the year" by the League Managers Association

Roy Hogdson of Fulham at Manchester United. Photo via Getty Images
Roy Hogdson of Fulham at Manchester United. Photo via Getty Images

According to the article, " Manager of the Year"  Roy Hodgson was voted Manager of the Year by the League Managers Association. According to the article this award is voted on by coaches and managers from the four top leagues in England.   

In this article there is also a quote from Mohamed Al Fayed. In the article " Manager of the Year"  Al Fayed stated “I am delighted that Roy should win this award, he's not just a great football manager he is a splendid human being. It is a pleasure to work with him and we have a great relationship."

This is a great honor for Hodgson. To take this club from the brink of relegation just 2 seasons ago to the Final in the Europa League is a great accomplishment. It is nice to see his fellow peers vote for him for this award. 

In my opinion he deserves so much credit for what Fulham have accomplished in his tenure with the club. It also took great players and a great owner to get Fulham where they are now.  But, I think Roy is the glue that sticks everything together. Let's hope Roy Hodgson is the Manager of Fulham for a long time.

If you would like to read more about Roy Hodgson's award I have posted a link to the BBC Sport story in the Fanshots section.