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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: Conflicting reports on the Juventus coaching job involving Roy Hodgson

Roy Hodgson training session before Europa League Final. Photo via Getty Images
Roy Hodgson training session before Europa League Final. Photo via Getty Images

This off season is going to be crazy with rumors regarding the manager and the players of Fulham. I will update you with the best  information I can find on the club. As I mentioned yesterday, Fulham fans just need to be aware that it is possible that many stories will come out regarding the team. In a way it is flattering because stories seem to come out on teams that have done well. It also can be annoying to fans.

With that said I have conflicting stories regarding the coaching job availability for Juventus. In the Daily Mail story they have Roy Hodgson as a target of Juventus to potentially become their manager. In the story, they have Juventus to name Luigi Del Neri as their manager next week. I will present links and information to both stories.

According to the Daily Mail article, " Italian job for Roy Hodgson as Juventus target Fulham chief" he could be a target to become the next Juventus manager. The article gives some background on Hodgson being a former manager of Inter Milan and that Roy speaks perfect Italian. Hodgson is on a rolling one year contract with Fulham.  Roy is currently under contract with Fulham.The Daily Mail article also has a quote from Hodgson.  Roy stated "If the day comes when a so-called big club wants me, and I'm available, then I would be happy to do it."

According to the article "Report: Juventus To Name Luigi Del Neri As Boss Next Week"  the current Sampdoria coah is going to quit to become manager of Juventus. This story from is according to La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper. The article mentions that Luigi Del Neri has not signed the contract yet, but has agreed to a 2 year contract worth € 1.5 million per season.  The article also mentions that a presumed announcement could happen on Wednesday when Andrea Agnelli is sworn in as new president of Juventus.   

These conflicting stories regarding Juventus show that we need to wait until an official announcement is made to who is the new manager. Rumors and stories about Fulham will continue. Again, I will try very hard to give the readers the best information I can find.