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10 Things I think About Fulham Football Club This Week May 15th

Every week I like to write about subjects that are on my mind regarding Fulham Football Club. This was a historical week for the club. They started off the week with a bad loss last Sunday at Arsenal 4 - 0. Last Wednesday was the Final of the Europa League. Fulham lost 2 - 1 to Atletico Madrid. Even though they lost I think Fulham gave a tremendous effort. Also, since the loss their have been rumors in the media regarding the future of Bobby Zamora and Roy Hodgson with Fulham. I guess you can say I might have many subjects on my mind. Below are my "10 Things I Think About Fulham Football Club This Week May 15th."

1. I think the Arsenal loss was predictable.  With the Europa League Final, Fulham rested many of their starters for this match. However, I did not expect the club to lose 4 - 0. In the big picture the game really didn't mean much.

2. I think Bobby Zamora deserves some credit for playing in the Europa League Final.  It wasn't a sure thing that he would be able to play. He came out of the game early in the second half. The fact that he played I think shows how important the club and that game was to him.

3. I think Simon Davies is a very valuable member of Fulham.   Simon was recovering from an injury a good amount of the season. In the last couple of seasons I thought he was a key member of the club. In the Semifinals and Final of the Europa League he played very well. He scored against Hamburg in the second leg of the Semifinals. He also scored in the Final. Overall, I just think he is a very valuable player for Fulham.

4. I think Diego Forlan and Sergio Aguero were the difference in the Final.  These two strikers were integral in the victory for Atletico Madrid. Forlan scored both goals and Aguero assisted on both of them. Fulham just couldn't stop them on Wednesday.

5. I think I am very proud of how Fulham played in the Final. The club played well and just got beat by two fantastic strikers. The players gave it their best shot. As a fan that is all I can ask from the club I follow. I am not sad about the loss. I am proud of how the Fulham players handled themselves, before, during, and after the match. 


6. I think not returning to the Europa League next year is disappointing.  This European campaign was memorable. I think about all those incredible victories Fulham had during the competition. It is unfortunate Fulham are not in it next year. I would have loved to have seen what they could have done next season. Since they lost in the Final they will not be returning. Maybe, they can be in a position in two years to get back to the Europa League?  If they ever return I would not bet against Fulham.

7. I think talking about Fulham on World Football Daily the day after the loss was helpful.    Before the show on Thursday I thought it would be difficult to talk about the loss. It actually was great to talk to Steven Cohen and Kenny Hassan about Fulham. Like I said prior I was proud of the club so it didn't bother me to look back at the match. What was also great it that Tim from joined us as well. It was great to have two Fulham fans on a talk show at the same time.

8. I think the transfer rumors of Bobby Zamora will be an issue all off season.  The talk has already begun regarding Bobby Zamora's future. There have been stories in the media linking interest from Birmingham City, Everton, and Aston Villa. I just have a feeling he will be back with Fulham. I think Fulham is a perfect situation for Zamora. He thrived at Craven Cottage this season. Why would he want to leave?

9. I think the Roy Hodgson rumors will continue all off season as well.  I have already written about the stories regarding interest from Juventus. I doubt this will be the last link to a big club that will be in the media this off season. I personally think he stays. Fulham is a great situation for him. Again, why would he want to leave?

10. I think Fulham have a good chance to get back into the Europa League after next season.  I will start this thought by saying I think there is a good chance of returning after next season as long as Roy Hodgson is manager. The club will not be playing the amount of matches they had to deal with last season. They can concentrate mostly on the EPL. The other teams in the Europa League this upcoming season will be playing many more games. The combination of these 2 factors I think gives Fulham a good chance to be in the top seven of the EPL.          

It has been a tremendous season for Fulham. I certainly had much to think about. I can't wait for next season.