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Could Bobby Zamora be at Fulham for the long term?

Fulham vs. Liverpool Photo of Bobby Zamora via Getty Images
Fulham vs. Liverpool Photo of Bobby Zamora via Getty Images

I just read an encouraging article regarding Bobby Zamora and his future with Fulham. According to Dan at, Zamora could be looking for a long term deal with the club. As posted by the article " Bobby poised to sign new deal", there is a link to a Daily Mirror story that the sides are in discussions for a four year deal.

According to the Daily Mirror story, " Bobby Zamora set to sign new four-year Fulham deal" talks between both sides are progressing well. The article states that Zamora has one year left on his current deal.  Also, the Daily Mirror article mentions that the club wants to extend his 1 year left with the club by adding an additional three years to it.

As you can imagine this is encouraging news. However, until we have confirmation that there is actually a new deal, I expect rumors about Zamora's future to persist. Over the last few days there have been stories regarding interest from Aston Villa, Everton, and Birmingham City.

Bobby Zamora's future with the club is a story I plan on following closely.