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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: This Just In. Fulham's interest in Nicky Maynard could be press speculation

I just saw this article on regarding Nicky Maynard and interest from Fulham in the Bristol City striker. Three days ago I posted in fanshots a link to a Daily Mail story mentioning possible interest from Fulham.

According to the article "Robins rubbish Maynard talk" Bristol City's Steve Lansdown has rejected the notion that Maynard is about to join Fulham.   

According to this article they have a quote from Bristol City's Steve Lansdown regarding the Nicky Maynard link to Fulham. This quote from the article was reported by the Bristol Evening Post.  Lansdown stated " This is nothing more than press speculation and, just because something is reported in a newspaper, does not mean it is going to happen"

There is another quote from the article that was reported in the Bristol Evening Post. Lansdown stated " I've seen the stories and I can assure our supporters we have not had any contact from Fulham, or any other club for that matter, with regard to Nicky Maynard."

I will update this rumor if more information becomes available.