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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill : Could West Ham and Fulham both be interested in Nicky Shorey ?

Nicky Shorey photo via Getty Images
Nicky Shorey photo via Getty Images

Nicky Shorey came to Fulham on loan from Aston Villa on February 1st of this year. The 29 year old left back went back to Aston Villa after the Fulham season ended.

Could Fulham be interested in bringing Shorey back  with a permanent deal?  A story in the the Daily Mail mentions that Fulham might be interested in Shorey, but they could have competition from West Ham for his services. Shorey is currently with Aston Villa.

According to the Daily Mail , West Ham have interest in Nicky Shorey and are willing to discuss a deal for his services with Aston Villa.

I happen think Nicky Shorey played well for the Cottagers. I would like to see Fulham make a move for him. I will continue to follow this rumor as information becomes available.