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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill : Does Kamara want to go to PSG?

Diomansy Kamara Photo via Getty Images
Diomansy Kamara Photo via Getty Images

I just saw this interesting story on regarding Diomansy Kamara. According to the article " Kamara picturing PSG move",  Diomansy Kamara might be rejecting a permanent transfer to Celtic. He just finished a six month loan to Celtic. The article mentions he might be interested in going to PSG who was his team he followed growing up as a child. 

The article mentions as well that Celtic are having a hard time affording the £2.5 million buyout clause that Kamara has in his contract. The story states that Bordeaux and PSG are both rumored to be interested in his services.

This article also has a few quotes from Kamara regarding PSG. Kamara stated " PSG would be a dream for me. when you start football you always have dreams. One of mine was to play for Senegal and I have done that for almost ten years now. Another would be PSG."

I really like Kamara as a player. For me he is a decent striker who can score goals. I think he has been effective when he was paired with Bobby Zamora.

I personally would like to see him stay with Fulham. He is currently still under contract with Fulham. I will be following the Kamara story. When more information becomes available on this situation, I will update my site.