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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: THIS JUST IN. Report of Schwarzer being watched by Arsenal

Mark Schwarzer against Juventus 3/18
Mark Schwarzer against Juventus 3/18

There is a reason why I have a post called the" Daily Cottagers Rumor Mill." Over the upcoming months I am sure their will be many more reports of links to Fulham. I wanted to have a place where I could share this information  that I am finding and put it in perspective. 

I just saw this rumor regarding Mark Schwarzer being possibly watched by Arsenal. According to a story their could be possible interest from Arsenal in Mark Schwarzer. This story is according to another story in the Sunday Times by Duncan Castles.

In the Sunday Times article, it mentions that Arsenal have been closely monitoring Mark Schwarzer. Both stories from the Sunday Times and mention that Arsenal could be looking for a new goalkeeper. 

Again, at this point it is a rumor and speculation. That is why I have put this post in the "Daily Cottagers Rumor Mill".