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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: Is Inter Milan going after Roy Hodgson to replace Jose Mourinho?

Roy Hodgson photo  via Getty Images
Roy Hodgson photo via Getty Images

The Roy Hodgson stories will be getting ramped up this week. According to the Daily Mirror article " Inter Milan target Hodgson to replace Mourinho - Exclusive",  Inter Milan could be making a push to go after Hodgson to replace Jose Mourinho. Roy Hodgson is a former Inter Milan Coach. The story mentions that Inter Milan could be approaching Hodgson in the next couple of days.

Roy has had two stints at Inter Milan. He was manager between 1995 - 1997. He was Inter's coach again in 1999.

According to this Daily Mirror story, Inter are looking to fill this managerial position very quickly. This story is something I will be following closely. This is the second major Italian club this summer to have a link to Hodgson. When more information becomes available regarding Hodgson I will be updating this site.