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Daily Cottagers Rumor Mill: Conflicting stories regarding the interest of Arsenal in Brede Hangeland

Brede Hangeland photo via Getty Images
Brede Hangeland photo via Getty Images

The stories linking Aresnal to Brede Hangeland are continuing. However, I also saw a story a few days ago that has a different view on Arsenal's Interest in the Fulham player. I will provide you with these two conflicting stories regarding Arsenal and Hangeland.  

Today in the Daily Mail there is a story mentioning that Arsene Wenger is about to make a £10m bid for the Fulham Defender. The story goes on to say that Arsenal want to start talks with Fulham regarding Hangeland. The article also states that Hangeland just signed a new 3 and a half year contract with Fulham in November.

Two days ago I had a story that was about the link between Arsenal and Mark Schwarzer. This link was according to a story in the Daily Mirror.  This story also had a mention of Brede Hangeland. According to the Daily Mirror,  Wenger has Hangeland highly ranked, but he is not on their current radar screen. 

As rumors go you can have different views regarding the same player. These two stories are conflicting. Only time will tell if Arsenal's interest in Hangeland grows. When there is more information on this rumor I will have an update.