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10 Things I Think About Fulham Football Club This Week May 30th

Every week I like to write about subjects that are on my mind regarding Fulham Football Club. This was another interesting week regarding Fulham and rumors to their players. There have been links to Fulham players to Premier League clubs such as Arsenal, Birmingham City, and Aston Villa.  Fulham have also been linked to other team's players as potential summer transfer targets. I shouldn't forget about the rumors regarding Roy Hodgson with Inter Milan. This edition is chock full of rumors and other thoughts. Below are my 10 Things I Think About Fulham Football Club This Week May 30th."

1.I think I shouldn't be surprised by the rumored link of interest of Inter Milan in Roy Hodgson. I know these rumored links to Roy Hodgson would continue. In my story on May 24th entitled "Is Inter Milan going after Roy Hodgson to replace Jose Mourinho" I discuss a story from The Daily Mirror which mentions possible interest of Inter Milan in Hodgson to replace Mourinho. This is the second link to Roy in a couple of weeks. I certainly will not be surprised if he is linked to several other jobs this summer. I guess the word is out that Roy is a great manager.   

2. I think I really enjoy watching the U.S. play in International friendlies before the World Cup.  The first reason I like these friendlies is I get to see other EPL teams' players in a friendly match. When the U.S. played the Czech Republic I got to see Petr Cech play who is also the goalkeeper for Chelsea. When the U.S. played Turkey, I got to see Tuncay Sanli play who also is a member of Stoke City. Another reason I enjoy the Friendlies is I get to see Fulham players get to play against each other. Next week when the U.S. plays Australia I will see Clint Dempsey play against Mark Schwarzer. That game should be fun.

3. I think I now really understand some of the stress that Arsenal fans might feel with rumors dealing with players like Cesc Fabregas. Arsenal fans probably deal with these types of rumors every year regarding their players. Cesc Fabregas is an excellent player and he is in a link to interest from Barcelona. Fulham are dealing with many links to its players and manager. It is an uneasy feeling thinking that another team might take away a piece of your club. I have written about this subject prior but it seems to be getting intensified.      

4. I think there are conflicting stories regarding a potential link between Arsenal and Brede Hangeland.  I wrote about these stories two days ago entitled " Conflicting stories regarding the interest of Arsenal in Brede Hangeland.  There are two different stories regarding Arsene Wenger's interest in Hangeland. The Daily Mail had a story of Wenger potentially making a bid for Hangeland. The Daily Mirror had a story earlier last week that stated that Hangeland was not on their radar screen. Stories like this is a big reason why I have a Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill. Which story is right? I guess time will tell if Wenger is really interested in Hangeland.

5. I think Frederic Piquionne would be a good transfer for whoever lands him.  Fulham have been linked to him prior. He is a very good striker and has played well against Fulham. Just recently he was also linked to West Ham. I wrote about this story two days ago. According to the Daily Mail, West Ham have made a £3million offer to Lyon for his services. If Fulham are interested they might want to make a bid soon. 

6.  I think I am surprised by what a Sunday Mercury arctile had to say regarding Paul Konchesky. I wrote about this story today. Andy Walker's article in the Sunday Mercury mentions that Konchesky has indicated to Fulham that he does not intend to sign a new deal with the club. Konchesky does have one year left on his current deal with Fulham. This is the first time I have read that Konchesky did not want to sign a new deal with Fulham. I am personally just a little surprised that he would want to leave. As usal only time will tell if Konchesky really wants to leave Fulham.

7. I think the Bobby Zamora continuing links to other clubs is not a surprise at all. I wrote about this today.  The Sunday Mercury today has him linked to Birmingham City, Aston Villa and Sunderland. I think unless Fulham sign him to a new deal there will probably be interest from other clubs.

8. I think I am happy for Wayne Brown getting signed by Bristol Rovers. I wrote about this on May 25th. I am disappointed to see him go, but it is probably a good opportunity for the young player. As I mentioned Fulham can't hold on to every player. I wish him the best of luck.

9. I think I would like to see Fulham add players in all parts of the field this summer. I think Fulham have a great nucleus right now. I just want some more pieces to the puzzle. I think if they picked up a defender, a midfield player and a striker it would only enhance the club they already have.  

 10. I think the U.S. are going to do very well in the World Cup. I am not saying they are going to beat England. That game is going to be extremely difficult to win. I do think this team has the potential get out of this group with England. I have watched the last two friendly matches.  Especially in the last match against Turkey the U.S. showed they can be a difficult team to play. I really enjoy watching Jozy Altidore, Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan playing well together. You shouldn't sleep on this team.  

Well, those are my thoughts for this week. I am sure I will have other things on my mind for next week.