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5 Possible Reasons Why I Think Brede Hangeland Rejected Arsenal Last Summer

Brede Hangeland vs Portsmouth  Aug. 15th
Photo via Getty Images
Brede Hangeland vs Portsmouth Aug. 15th Photo via Getty Images

This morning I read this interesting post on football - The post by Fab4 was entitled " Why did Hangeland reject Arsenal?"  I would very much recommend everyone reading it. The writer just wanted to know why Brede Hangeland would not want to come to Arsenal. Fab4 mentions in his post that Arsenal offer Champions League Football. He also mentions that Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in Europe , and that Hangeland would be playing in front of 60,000 fans every other week. These are all very valid reasons why any player would want to play for Arsenal. 

Why would Hangeland not want to play for Arsenal? Well, it might not have anything to do with Arsenal. Maybe he just wanted to play for Fulham? I don't know Brede Hangeland and I am not speaking for him. I am just going to give my opinion why I think he did not go to Arsenal last summer. Below are "5 possible reasons why I think Brede Hangeland rejected Arsenal last summer." 

1. The relationship between Hangeland and Roy Hodgson could be a reason he rejected Arsenal.  Brede Hangeland played for Roy Hodgson when he was at his former club Viking. When Hodgson came to Fulham one of his first signings was Brede Hangeland.  Under Hodgson the defense for Fulham has tremendously improved. Brede Hangeland has much to do with this. He has thrived while playing for Fulham and Hodgson. There could be a comfort factor between manager and player?  

2. Hangeland was offered a new contract from Fulham back last April.  Fulham were being proactive with Hangeland.  By making this offer way back in April they could have been showing how important the player was to the club.  His initial deal wasn't to expire until after the 2010/2011.  Negotiations can take a long time. He didn't end up signing his new deal until November. The interest from Arsenal might have helped the negotiations with Fulham. In my opinion they were showing Hangeland he was in the their long term plans. He is signed until 2013.

3. Playing with his teammates could be a reason he rejected Arsenal.  Once you have a comfort level with your teammates it could be one reason you would want to stay at the club.  Again, he just might be comfortable in his environment at Craven Cottage. 

4. Maybe he really wanted to play in the Europa League? After the hard work of getting 7th place in the league the team qualified for the Europa League. Now, obviously the Champions League competition is better. But, maybe Hangeland just wanted to be rewarded and help Fulham see this journey through in the Europa League.

5. Maybe, Hangeland is just happy at Fulham. This is a simple possible reason. If you are happy in one situation why change?


In concluding, I go back to my second  paragraph. Maybe he just wanted to play for Fulham?