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10 Things I think About Fulham Football Club This Week May 8th

Every week I like to write about subjects that are on my mind regarding Fulham Football Club. This was a good and bad week for Fulham.  Fulham started the week with a 3 - 2 victory against West Ham. On Wednesday of last week, Fulham lost 1 - 0 to Stoke City.  This week Fulham play Arsenal on Sunday at the Emirates Stadium. They follow that game up with the Final of the Europa League in Hamburg on Wednesday. I guess you can say I might have many subjects on my mind. Below are my "10 Things I Think About Fulham Football Club This Week May 8th."

1. I think the West Ham match was a great victory for Fulham.  The club had many changes to their lineup for this match. The starting lineup did a great job. West Ham did not give up in this match. Fulham twice in the match went up two gaols. Both times West Ham scored a goal to cut the lead to one. Fulham ended up winning the match 3 - 2. 

2. I think Erik Nevland will be missed by the club.  He was a steady performer and scored some key goals for Fulham. In the Everton match this year he intercepted a backward pass and scored a goal. In the West Ham match he stole the ball from Jonathan Spector to set up Okaka's goal. He is just a good player. Every team needs an Erik Nevland on their squad. Good luck to him going back home to Norway and playing for Viking.

3. I think the Stoke City loss was very disappointing.  Fulham were playing most of their normal starters for this match. The only missing player was Bobby Zamora. They dominated the first half , but could not score a goal. They let Stoke City hang around and they took advantage of the opportunity given to them. If Fulham won they would have had a great chance at ending the season in the top 10. Now they have to go to Arsenal. That will be a tough game to win.

4. I think I understand why the League did not let Fulham move the Arsenal game forward.  Fulham requested that the game against Arsenal could be moved to today. They wanted an extra day of preparation ahead of the Europa League Final on Wednesday. I do understand traditions and the integrity of the game, regarding everyone playing on the last day. I believe that was the main reason for the denial.  

5. I think many Tottenham fans will be checking on the Fulham match tomorrow.  If Fulham win tomorrow they could help Tottenham end the season third in the League. Tottenham would still need to win their match.  Tottenham, if they ended third would avoid the playoff round in the Champions League.  

6. I think the Arsenal match will be extremely difficult to win.  Bobby Zamora and Damien Duff are already ruled out for this match.  Hodgson might sit many players for this match. I think Fulham have a better chance at a draw.

7. I think Roy Hodgson will stay at Fulham next season.   I have read all the speculation of him leaving for the Liverpool job and the England Job. I would think he would want to see if he can continue to build on what he has already accomplished at Fulham.  Listen I could be wrong, but I am hopeful he stays. These statements are just my opinion.

8. I think Fulham need both Damien Duff and Bobby Zamora to be available for the Final.  Both players in my opinion have been huge in the team's success this year. To win a Final I think you need your best players. It will be very difficult to beat Atletico Madrid without them. They are both scoring threats. Let's hope they are on the field in Hamburg on Wednesday.

9. I think the Europa League competition in general has been fantastic. I know that this competition is not the Champions League. But, Fulham have played against many top European Clubs . The games I have watched have been exciting. I haven't noticed any team this year not taking this competition seriously. Fulham beat Shakhtar Donetsk, Juventus, Wolfsburg, and Hamburg on their journey to the Final. I know I will be watching the Europa League next year.

10. I think Fulham have a decent shot at winning the Europa League Final.  I am sure Fulham are underdogs in this match. Atletico Madrid are a great team. They have several scoring options up front. They will be a tough team to beat. However, Fulham have already beaten many top teams in Europe this year. I just wouldn't bet against Fulham on Wednesday.

Well, as you can imagine next week I am positive I will have many things on mind. Regardless of the result on Wednesday,  it has been a great year for Fuham Football Club.