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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: Different Stories regarding Joe Ledley and interest from Celtic and Roma

Joe Ledley photo via getty images
Joe Ledley photo via getty images

I actually find following these rumors of player movements fun. The potential transfer of Cardiff City's Joe Ledley continues to have twists and turns. I actually had an update on this story yesterday. That story was yesterday's news regarding this player. Today I found different stories regarding Joe Ledley. One of these stories actually involves a club from Italy.  Unfortunately for Fulham fans there is not any new news regarding any continued interest from the Cottagers. One story has Celtic closing in on midfielder Joe Ledley. The second story has interest for Ledley from Roma.  

The Daily Record has a story today entitled "Celtic close in on Joe Ledley as £5m-rated Cardiff star jets into Glasgow for talks".  According to the Keith Jackson story, Ledley was in Scotland yesterday for a visit to Celtic. The story goes on to mention that negotiations have begun with Celtic and Ledley. According to this article Ledley is looking for more than £20,000 a week in wages.

BBC Sport has an article enitled "Cardiff's Joe Ledley will travel to AS Roma for talks".  In this article by Chris McLaughlin it states that Joe Ledley will make a visit to AS Roma and have talks with the team. However, the article mentions that Celtic still are the favorites to land him, but Rangers might also be interested in Ledley.

Based on what I am reading it sounds like to me that Joe Ledley is checking out all of his options. Only time will tell if there will be anymore interest from Fulham. If more information becomes available regarding Joe Ledley I will have an update.