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Could Roy Hodgson Actually Be Staying At Fulham And Not About To Leave For Liverpool?

Roy Hodgson photo via Getty Images
Roy Hodgson photo via Getty Images

I just saw this exclusive article from the Fulham Chronicle I wanted to share. According to Paul Warburton's article, Roy Hodgson is proclaiming he is not about to leave for Liverpool and also has not had a discussion with anyone associated with the team at Anfield. According to the Fulham Chronicle, Roy Hodgson is not intending to leave Fulham.

Paul Warburton's story also claims to have a very reliable source that has ties to the Fulham manager.  I have comments below from this source that comes from the Fulham Chronicle article regarding Roy Hodgson and Liverpool.

 The source said: "No one from Liverpool, or connected with them has spoken to Roy – and he is mystified by all the conjecture over the last few days."

For fans of Fulham this could be excellent news. I have a feeling though there still could be stories regarding Roy Hodgson and possible interest from Liverpool. I will be continuing to update this story when information becomes available.