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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: Are West Brom Monitoring Stefano Okaka?

Stefano Okaka photo via Getty Images
Stefano Okaka photo via Getty Images

According to UK, West Brom could possibly have interest in Roma Striker Stefano Okaka. The young Italian player came to Fulham on loan in January. He is now back with Roma. The story mentions that Okaka would like to come back to Fulham. 

The article mentions that Robert Di Matteo, the West Brom manager is monitoring his situation according to Rome Sources. The article hints that if Roy Hodgson stays as Fulham manager his loan could possibly be continued with the Cottagers.  

I think Stefano Okaka has potential to be a good striker. He showed spurts of good play with Fulham.  I actually hope he ends up back with Fulham. I certainly can see why West Brom could be interested.