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United States And England Draw 1 - 1

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The United States and England battled for 90 plus minutes in their World Cup Match today. The United States holds on in the second half to earn a 1 - 1 tie with England. The United States goal in the first half by Clint Dempsey was a gift. The England goalkeeper made a bad mistake and gave up an easy goal. The second half saw England come out strong and put a tremendous amount of pressure on the United States. Tim Howard was excellent and was the difference in the net. He made several key saves to keep the game tied. The end result is both teams get a point from this match.

The first half began fantastic for England. Steven Gerrard scored in the fourth minute to give England the lead 1 - 0. The U.S. played well in the first half and it looked like they were going to be down at the half 1 - 0. However, Fulham's Clint Dempsey tied the game up in the 40th minute. Dempsey's shot shouldn't have been too difficult to handle for the England Goalkeeper. Dempsey's strike somehow gets by Green and shockingly the U.S. tied the game. The first half ended 1 - 1.

The second half saw England come out with a tremendous amount of pressure. If it wasn't for Tim Howard's saves the U.S. could have easily lost by a couple of goals. He kept the U.S. in the game. The United States actually had a wonderful chance to take the lead. Jozy Altidore had a great run. His shot was deflected by Green and hit the goal post. This was the best opportunity for the United States in the second half. Like I said prior, England really pressed and Tim Howard made some excellent saves. The game ended 1 - 1.

Both teams at least got a point from the match. They both now have a good chance to advance in the group. Let's hope both teams can go far in the World Cup. has some great coverage of all the games in the World Cup. The World Cup soccer page  has more coverage of this last match plus much more. Please feel free to go to the World Cup soccer page