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Conflicting Stories Regarding Links To Roy Hodgson And Liverpool

Roy Hodgson photo via Getty Images
Roy Hodgson photo via Getty Images

The stories regarding Roy Hodgson and Liverpool are continuing. This saga has so many twists and turns. Well, now I have two completely different stories regarding Roy Hodgson and Liverpool.

First, I  just saw a story that claims that Roy Hodgson wants to know if he is going to be offered the Liverpool job before he leaves for South Africa. According to the Daily Mail, Hodgson has let it be known to Liverpool that he wants a decision before he goes to the World Cup. Hodgson will be a commentator for the BBC in South Africa.

The story in the Daily Mail also mentions that Liverpool plan on talking to Hodgson within 48 hours. Then it states that Aston Villa's Martin O'Neil could be in contention and possibly contacted.

Second, I had a story two days ago that had information from a Fulham Chronicle article. The Paul Warburton story was claiming that Hodgson was not about to be leaving for Liverpool. The story from the Fulham Chronicle also mentioned that he had not been in contact with anyone associated with Liverpool.

Now, these are two completely different stories. Which one is correct? I really don't know.  Fans of both Liverpool and Fulham are just going to have to wait and see where this story goes. Who is going to be the next Liverpool manager? I am just hoping this Roy Hodgson soap opera gets resolved soon.