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Mohamed Al Fayed Confident Roy Hodgson Will Resist A Move To Liverpool

Mohamed - Al Fayed photo via getty images
Mohamed - Al Fayed photo via getty images

The stories regarding Roy Hodgson and a link to Liverpool continue to come out. Now, there is a quote from Fulham owner Mohamed Al Fayed. According to the Daily Mirror, Fulham's owner is feeling good that he will resist a move from Liverpool. Below is a quote from the Daily Mirror from Al Fayed.

The quote below by Al Fayed from the Daily Mirror does not talk specifically about Liverpool. It does however discuss he expects other teams to approach his manager. 

Al Fayed said: "I don’t think he’ll leave me. I’m sure he’ll have lots of approaches from other clubs, but I give him anything he wants to reach results and we have a very good ­relationship."

As mentioned prior, I think this Roy Hodgson story regarding links to Liverpool is going to heat up very soon. Only time will tell where this story goes next. I will stay on top of this and try to give you the most up to date information possible.