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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: Could Fulham's Dickson Etuhu Have Interest From West Ham?

Dickson Etuhu photo via getty images
Dickson Etuhu photo via getty images

I just saw this story regarding Dickson Etuhu. According to the Daily Mail, Avram Grant the manager of West Ham is watching the contract situation with Dickson Etuhu. The article mentions that Etuhu is looking for a long term deal with Fulham.  

Dickson Etuhu is right now playing for Nigeria in the World Cup.  He is still a fairly young player as he is only 28 years old. I thought he played very well this year as a defensive midfielder. I am hoping Fulham do sign him to a long term deal. Until a new deal is done it shouldn't be a surprise that transfer rumors are going to happen. Avram Grant just became manager of West Ham, and his obviously looking to upgrade his club.

I will be following the Dickson Etuhu rumor. If there becomes more information regarding possible interest from West Ham I will have an update.