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Fulham And Arsenal Should Just Say "No"- Opinion

Roy Hogdson photo via getty images
Roy Hogdson photo via getty images

Two teams in the English Premier League have had major stories in the media since the season ended. In the case of Fulham it is interest from other teams in manager Roy Hodgson. For Arsenal it is the speculation regarding Cesc Fabregas. In both cases I don't blame the media for making these situations stories. They are doing their job.

What I want to focus on our the management of both teams. Fulham have an opportunity to improve themselves and continue to build on what they have established last year. Arsenal have a really good chance to win the English Premier League next season. Fulham's manager is under contract. Arsenal's star player Cesc Fabregas is also under contract. My suggestion to both clubs is to just say "no".

Roy Hodgson is currently under contract with Fulham. He has a rolling one year contract. There has been a tremendous amount of media speculation regarding Liverpool having interest in Hodgson. If Liverpool do in fact come knocking I think Fulham just need to say "no". 

Why should they let him go? He is under contract. From what I am reading there could be compensation to Fulham from another club like Liverpool if he leaves to become there manager. I don't care. As long as he is under contract he should be the Fulham manager.

Fulham have come so far in such a short period of time. Roy Hodgson has so much to do with it. He has built this club to a point that they got to a Final of a European Competition. Don't you want to see if he can build upon what he has already established?

Listen, I wouldn't blame Hodgson if he had interest in Liverpool. That club is still one of the top clubs in all of Europe. However, the uncertainty of their ownership situation would make me think hard about taking the job. Hodgson might want to take the job. Again, Fulham don't have to let him go. They need to stay strong and just say "no".

In fact, I believe that Fulham should just say "no" when it comes to transfer offers for their key players. Why should Fulham sell a player like Bobby Zamora? Again he is under contract. I don't care if a club offered £20 million for Zamora. I don't think you should do it.

When you have a proven commodity why should you sell it? The money is great but there is that unknown of what you are going to do with it. I have heard the reasoning before that you can buy 3 or 4 players with the money you can get from a high profile transfer target like Zamora. In my opinion it never works. I don't think you replace a key player with a couple of players with potential. You just shouldn't do it.

If Fulham want to have a chance to continue what they have started they need to say "no". Manager Roy Hodgson and players like Bobby Zamora should be a part of the future and not the past. If I could talk to the Fulham management I would tell them not to buckle to the pressure and keep the team in place.

 In the case of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger needs to continue to say "no" from Barcelona regarding Cesc Fabregas. Why should they sell him? I don't care if they are offered  £70 million. They should resist the offer.

Updated : My original post did not mention that Arsenal had already told Barcelona "no". I thought that was implied by me mentioning that Arsenal should continue to say "no". Arsenal do deserve credit for telling Barcelona prior that they will not sell Fabregas. My point is that this story doesn't seem to be ending and Barcelona might be trying again at some point. If they do I just want Arsenal to continue to say" no". 

Fabregas might want to go home to Spain. My answer to that is "tough luck Cesc" you are under contract. I think Arsenal have a chance to win the EPL and possibly take the Champions League. They are a player or two away from taking the team to that level. Why would you take a giant step backwards by selling one of your best players? 

How did Manchester United benefit last season by selling Christiano Ronaldo? I think they got  £70 million for him.  Did they win the league or the Champions League? In the long run it could benefit Manchester United, but they took a step back last season.

Arsenal don't need to take a step back. They should be taking a step forward. It is time for Wenger to take his club to the top. You just don't do that by letting Cesc Fabregas go.

In concluding, both clubs have a chance to take their teams forward this upcoming season. It is time that teams' stand up to clubs like Barcelona and Liverpool. In both situations I am hoping they do not give in to the pressure. Fulham and Arsenal should just say "no".