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Let's Hear From Roy Hodgson Regarding Liverpool - Opinion

Roy Hogdson at Manchester United. Photo via Getty Images
Roy Hogdson at Manchester United. Photo via Getty Images

I am going to start by saying that I am a fan of Fulham Football Club. I am proud to be a supporter of the Cottagers and nothing is going to change that. The recent stories regarding Roy Hodsgson possibly going to Liverpool are difficult to read. The hardest one to write about was the story yesterday in the Daily Mirror. This article if true was stating that Fulham are verifying that they are going to lose Hodgson to Liverpool. I wrote about this Daily Mirror article yesterday

Now, I realize the media has a job to do and they have to report on what they can confirm. The Daily Mirror writer is doing his job. I don't like the content, but he should be putting it out there if the story is accurate. There have been so many stories lately regarding Roy Hodgson and Liverpool. It made me ask myself one question. When is Roy Hodgson going to comment on these stories?

Hodgson is on his way to South Africa to commentate on the World Cup for the BBC. My hope is that someone at the BBC asks him if he is interested in taking the Liverpool job. I would like to hear from the man himself that has had so much speculation written about his future lately. Will he publicly speak about Liverpool? I don't know if he will, but I am hoping a journalist will at least ask the question.

I have read stories with sources from Fulham and sources that are close to Hodgson. I have yet to hear from the man himself. He has been very quiet during the time of these stories. As a fan that makes me nervous that possibly there could be validity to these rumors. But, I still want to hear it from the actual person.

Regarless of the result I think it would be in the best interest of both Liverpool and Fulham to get this story resolved quickly. Both teams need to plan for next season.

I do understand that if he is really negotiating with Liverpool it would be tough to comment on it. But, someone needs to ask him the question. If he answered "no comment" that is a statement in himself. Let's hear from Roy Hodgson regarding Liverpool.