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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: Did Fulham Put In An Offer For Aston Villa's Steve Sidwell?

Steve Sidwell photo via Getty Images
Steve Sidwell photo via Getty Images

I just saw this interesting rumor from the Daily Mirror. This publication has been very busy lately with stories about Fulham.  According to the Daily Mirror,  Fulham have officially put in an offer to Aston Villa for Steve Sidwell. The article mentions that Aston Villa are probably looking for around £3million for a transfer fee.    

Steve Sidwell is a 27 year old midfielder. The article mentions that he has made 23 Premier League starts with Aston Villa since he arrived in the summer of 2008.  He was a transfer from Chelsea. Prior to his time at Chelsea he played for Reading from 2003 - 2007. 

The story mentions that Fulham could be his landing place as Roy Hodgson made an early approach for his services. The Daily Mirror however discusses that West Ham and Sunderland could also be interested in Sidwell. 

Like I mentioned this is an interesting rumor to follow. I will be curious to see if this speculation between Fulham and Steve Sidwell continues to grow. If there becomes more information regarding Aston Villa's Steve Sidwell I will have an update.