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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: Fulham, West Ham, and Blackburn Pursuing Nicky Maynard

I had a story on May 19th about possible interest from Fulham in Bristol City's Nicky Maynard. I have rumor mill update. According to the Daily Mirror, Fulham, West Ham and Blackburn are all pursuing Nicky Maynard. Maynard joined Bristol City in 2008. Since 2008, the Bristol City forward has scored 31 goals in 78 appearances. He is also only 23 years old.

It shouldn't be a shock that Fulham, West Ham and Blackburn have interest in this young forward. The question is will Bristol City sell him? Bristol City have rejected an offer recently from Burnley. The Daily Mirror article reports that the bid was for £3.75million . I will have a further update on Nicky Maynard when more information becomes available.