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Roy Hodgson Speaks Today

Roy Hodgson photo via getty images
Roy Hodgson photo via getty images

Yesterday I had an opinion post that I wanted to hear from Roy Hodgson. With all the speculation regarding the Liverpool job I was hoping he would talk. Today he spoke while being a commentator on BBC1.  I want to state I have not personally heard this interview or seen any video of his comments.   

I saw this story and it does have quotes from Roy Hodgson.  According to ESPNSoccernet , here are quotes below from Hodgson as he was a commentator for the BBC1.  

Hodgson said: "I'm Fulham manager. I'm perfectly happy at Fulham. To be honest, there's a lot of speculation but I can't enlighten you."

Since I have not seen this I don't know what questions were asked and how he answered them. I don't know if Hodgson was asked directly about the open Liverpool position. All I have are these quotes from ESPNsoccernet.  

I will update this story if I find more information on Roy Hodgson speaking today. I will also keep a watchful eye on the story regarding the open Liverpool managerial position.

Lastly, If someone has seen or listened to Hodgson's talk today please feel free to comment.