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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: Has Manuel Pellegrini Signed A Deal To Become The New Liverpool Manager?

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Is it possible that Manuel Pellegrini has signed on to become the new Liverpool manager? Richard Buxton of Click Liverpool actually had a twitter message about Manuel Pellegrini and Liverpool. Buxton states in his tweet that there is a report from Chile that Pellegrini has signed with Liverpool this morning. Then, Richard Buxton of Click Liverpool followed up his tweet with an article entitled "  Manuel Pellegrini set to be unveiled as next Liverpool FC manager - Report"  

I also have a report from Prensafutbol. According to this article, Pellegrini signed to become Liverpool manager this morning. If this story is true this is huge news in the football world.        

Below is a translated into English excerpt from this Prensafutbol article. The article discusses Pellegrini's agent having talks with Liverpool.

On Thursday, the representative of Pellegrini, Marco Piccioli, had said that "we are evaluating the operation and will soon have a new meeting to better define the final details of the contract." This meeting was finalized this morning, with the signing of the link between the former coach of painting 'merengue' and champion of the Champions League in 2005.

There has been no official word from Liverpool. At this point these articles are speculation. There has been so many rumors regarding this job. I think we are just going to have to wait and see what happens next with this Liverpool managerial saga.   I will be following this story and will have an update when more information is available.