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Celtic Make a Good Move in Landing Former Fulham Player Jimmy Bullard

Jimmy Bullard
Jimmy Bullard


Jimmy Bullard was a player I really enjoyed watching while he played at Fulham. In the back of my mind I was hoping that Fulham might try to bring him back to Craven Cottage. According to the Daily Mirror, Jimmy Bullard is about to go to Celtic on a 12 month loan agreement from his current club Hull City.

The article in the Mirror also mentions that he just needs to have a physical with Celtic and then he should be officially making the move by the end of this week. The Mirror story also states that Newcastle were interested in his services. Like I said I was hoping that maybe Roy Hodgson had some interest but that does not look like the case. 

Jimmy Bullard is 31 years old and a midfielder. The only problem I see for Celtic is that he has had problems with injuries. If healthy I think he will be a great addition to that club. He is really good on free kicks. I was unhappy to see him leave Fulham. In the year of of Fulham's relegation battle in the 2007 - 2008, Bullard I thought played a key role keeping Fulham in the Premier League.

Good Luck to Jimmy Bullard and I hope he performs well at Celtic.