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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: The agent for Brede Hangeland refutes contact from Arsenal

Brede Hangeland photo via Getty Images
Brede Hangeland photo via Getty Images

I have an update regarding rumors of interest again of Arsenal in Brede Hangeland.  On May 28th, I had a post with a story from the Daily Mail that Arsene Wenger is about to make a £10m bid for the Fulham Defender.    

Today  I just saw a story from the Fulham Chronicle regarding Brede Hangeland. In the article by Paul Warburton,  Brede Hangeland's agent refutes contact from Arsenal. According to this article Hangeland's agent proclaims that no one at Arsenal has contacted him. 

Below I have quotes from Rune Hauge who is Hangeland's agent. These quotes are from the Fulham Chronicle article by Paul Warburton.

 He said: “Brede is more than happy at Fulham, and I’ve had no enquiries from anyone about him.

“I have no meetings scheduled with Fulham to discuss him, or anyone else for that matter – and there has been no activity from us regarding a move.

“But as you known in football, what will be, will be – but I would be very surprised if Brede is not a Fulham player next season.”


When you have quotes from a source like an agent I think that gives validity to the story. Paul Warburton did a very nice job in getting this information for his article. The Warburton article is regarding Brede Hangeland and the refutes from his agent of contact from Arsenal.   

Arsenal fans in the past have told me unless you hear from Wenger himself regarding a link to a player just be cautious and understand that it is probably just a rumor. I think Fulham fans might feel a little more relieved after reading the quotes from Hangeland's agent. As usual if there is anymore to this story I will have an update.