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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: Could Fulham be interested in David James?

David James photo via Getty Images
David James photo via Getty Images

I just read a rumor regarding David James and possible interest from Fulham. According to the Daily Mail, Fulham could be considering goalkeeper David James as potential transfer option. James is 39 and currently plays for Portsmouth. This article in the Daily Mail also mentions a potential link between Arsenal and Mark Schwarzer.  

According to the Daily Mail, Arsenal might be escalating their interest in Mark Schwarzer. I last had an update on Schwarzer in my post on May 29th. There is no question the links between Arsenal and Mark Schwarzer are continuing.

In my post on May 29th I did have a quotes from Mark Schwarzer from an ABC Sport article. In this article, Schwarzer mentions he does see his future with Fulham.  I have again put these quotes below.  

These quotes are from Mark Schwarzer from an ABC Sport Article which I originally posted on May 29th.

"I haven't heard anything other than what's been written said or written in the papers, so it's purely speculative at the moment," he said. "I've got another year left on my contract at Fulham and I've really enjoyed my time at Fulham and I'm {still} enjoying it and I see my future at the moment with Fulham. " " I don't see anything changing unless someone tells me otherwise."

If I have anymore information on these two players I will have an update.