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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: Hodgson to Liverpool And Hughes To Fulham?

The speculation regarding the Liverpool coaching job continues and gets crazier.  I  wrote an article Friday night regarding speculation of Manuel Pellegrini possibly signing a deal to become the new manager of Liverpool. Now, I have a rumor that has Roy Hodgson possibly becoming the new manager of Liverpool this week. But, this article of the rumor also has the person it believes will be his successor at Fulham.   

According to the News Of The World, Roy Hodgson is the candidate that Liverpool wants to become their new manager. This article mentions that Hodgson could become the new manager this week. The interesting part of this story is the person, the News of The World article is touting as Hodgson's replacement at Fulham. This article claims that once Hodgson become the manager of Liverpool, Fulham will then contact former Manchester City manager Mark Hughes. According to this article, Fulham would move fast to make a deal with Hughes to become their new manager.

The rumors regarding the Liverpool job just keep coming. On one hand you have Click Liverpool claiming that Pellegrini has signed to become the new Liverpool manager.  On the other hand you have the News Of The World claiming that Hodgson could be named Liverpool manager this week. There is a reason I have put these stories under the Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill heading. These stories are speculation. Again, we are going to have to wait until Liverpool make an official announcement on who has become the new manager. In the meantime I will update the rumors when more information becomes available.